Seva Mobil Bekas : Price of used cars due to the impact of floods

Repair of vehicles affected by floods, can not guarantee the situation of the vehicle home fully optimal. So it is dominant to a significant price reduction when it is marketed as a resale vehicle unit. This was said by the Senior Manager of the WTC Mangga Dua Used Car Exchange, Herjanto Kosasih.

The condition of the car units affected by the flood did indeed have the opportunity to be repaired until they looked new. “However, of course there will be unexpected problems, especially in the elements of electricity, body, to the legs,” he said when contacted.

The influence can be more severe due to tidal inundation or commonly called tidal floods. The salt content in water has a greater chance of damaging vehicle components, compared to the flood conditions, the impact of heavy rainfall is generally.

Herjanto said that he had rarely visited cars with the situation affected by the tidal flood. “If the owner of a car with a flood-prone environment, the rob has begun to get used to flattering the parking area to the point that it is not flooded,” he said. The situation he said could not be compared to problems with cars affected by heavy rain flooding this year for example.

Vehicle units affected by major Jakarta floods can then decline by 30 percent from normal market prices. Meanwhile, according to information from Herjanto, cars that are known to have a history of being affected by tidal floods can plummet more than that range. Sumber :

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