6 Tips to Learn Spanish Fast

Do you want to learn Spanish fast? Is it one of those things you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but have never made it past “Hola”? Are you excited to learn, but have no idea where to begin? or You just want to know how to say i love you in spanish?

Well, welcome to the age of the internet, where all the answers are right there at your fingertips! You can learn a language from the comfort of your computer chair, which certainly beats having to go to school.

There are lots of language learning methods out there, from the officially approved to the slightly unorthodox – so with a little planning, you can come up with a language learning system that works best for you.

Tips to Learn Spanish Fast
Tips to Learn Spanish Fast

Now, for adults learning a foreign language, time is all too often a very important factor. So let’s say you’re trying to figure out how to learn Spanish fast: what are the best tips and tricks?

Firstly, don’t assume that “old school” methods are the best. Children are usually taught foreign languages by learning to read and write at the same time as to listen and speak, but consider how you learned English (or whatever your native language is).

Did you, as a baby, learn to write full sentences and master grammatical rules while you were sounding out your first words? No – children enter into the world of linguistics simply by listening to conversations going on around them in their day to day lives.

Eventually, as their ears and brains become accustomed to the sounds that they hear, they become able to pick out individual words and repeated patterns.

Believe it or not, this is one of the best things you yourself can do if you want to learn Spanish fast! Listen to the language being spoken as much as possible.

Tips To Learn Spanish

How you do this is entirely up to you, and whatever opportunities you have, but here are a few of my own suggestions to help you out:

  1. Find an online Spanish-teaching site or CD, where you can listen to sample words and sentences being spoken.
  2. If you have Spanish speaking friends, then be sure to converse with them in Spanish as often as possible, this really helps you with developing sounds.
  3. Watch episodes of your favorite TV shows dubbed in Spanish.
  4. Date a Spanish-speaking person! Now, this might sound daft, but it’s a rock solid way of learning how to speak and understand Spanish really quickly.
  5. Better than of all these is the “total immersion” method. Go and visit or live in a Spanish speaking country. You’ll be fluent in no time.
  6. And a truly important tip is: don’t be shy. Too many people give up trying to learn a language because they’re too scared of making a mistake when they speak. One thing you must accept is that: you are going to make mistakes. Many mistakes. No one expects you to be word perfect straight away, but you need practice – so bin the self consciousness and just start talking.

To learn Spanish fast, you’re going to have to be committed. Be sure to set aside some time every day to practise what you’ve already learned, and to “refresh” your vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

Get a good study book with practice exercises, and work your way through it. Write phrases and vocabulary on post-it notes and be sure to stick them all over the house in places where you’ll see them often.

Put labels on various household objects in Spanish. Be sure to say the words aloud as your reading them.

The more effort you put in, the more you get out as they say, which will make it a lot easier to learn Spanish Fast. Anyone can do it – and once you’ve got it, it’s yours for life!