[ Tutorial ] How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10

Modern society has been introduced to the most rapid growth of technology. The sign of rapid technology growth can be seen as there are so many technology products are presented. In this case, using Bluetooth might be something familiar.

But, for some newest Windows, you might not get any idea. Therefore, you should also know how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10.

By understanding the tips, we are sure that you will experience greatness in using the Bluetooth on your devices and get the best function of Windows 10 Bluetooth driver.

Easy Method of How to Turn On Bluetooth on Windows 10

Using the Bluetooth in Windows 10 will make your things easier. In this case, Bluetooth can be used for improving your data transfer and make it easier for you to get your desired data on your devices specially when you traveling.

Here are some simple ways of turning Bluetooth driver on Windows 10.

1. Pairing

When you want to know how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10, then you can do some things below.

If you have a new device and you want to pair your device with another one, you will need to pair it first.

In this case, you can press the Bluetooth icon which is usually available on the keyboard. Press them until there is a flashing light.

2. Open Settings

You can open Settings manually from the device or use Windows + I to open the Settings app on your Windows 10 device. Then, select Devices and choose Bluetooth.

3. Checking the Bluetooth

After you have been in Bluetooth menu, you can see whether the Bluetooth is ON.

When the Bluetooth is ON, you will see the sentence ‘Your PC is searching for and can be discovered by Bluetooth devices’ on your screen.

Then, choose that one device you want to pair. But, you have to also be aware with Windows 10 Bluetooth disappear.

4. Sending and Receiving Data

You can choose this option from Bluetooth menu, where you can choose whether you will send or receive files from other devices.

This is actually easy to do and you will find lots of easy access for the Bluetooth. Finding the method in activating Bluetooth is simple and you will do it by yourself.

If there are any problem occurs when you use Bluetooth like Windows 10 paired but not connected, there are also some troubleshooting solution. But, now you have known how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10.

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