How to Create a Memo Using Microsoft Word 2007

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Writing a memo can be a hassle sometimes if you do not know how to write one. You could waste time driving to the library to find a book on the subject or search through thousands of articles online that tell someone how to write a memo in a complicated manner.

Instead of doing all of that, why not just use a template from Microsoft Word 2007? Microsoft Word 2007 offers many different templates for you to choose from to create a memo that will give a great impression to any boss.

Doing so could mean the difference between getting the job and continuing to look elsewhere. Here is a step by step guide to doing so.

1. Open Microsoft Word 2007

Go to start, programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Word 2007 and left-click on it once. A blank document will then pop up.

2. Create a New Document

Click on the circle in the top left corner of the screen and then click on “new.” A smaller screen will then pop up entitled “New Document.”

On the left side of the screen will be a list of options to create anything from an agenda to a time sheet.

3. Find and click on “Memos”

About halfway down the same list will be “Memos.” The list goes in alphabetical order and it will be between “lists” and “minutes.”

Once clicked, Microsoft Office Online will then look up templates for you to use for a memo. Directly under the search bar will be four sort options to choose from: rating, alphabetical, customer submitted, and non-customer submitted.

If you cannot find a memo for a particular job, type into the search bar what you are looking for and press enter. The program will automatically select templates based on what was typed in.

4. Find and select which template you would like to use

Left-click once on the desired template. An enlarged image will show to the right of the screen along with its title, provider, download size, and rating.

5. Download the template

At the bottom-right corner of the screen will be the tab “download.” Left-clink on the tab once and Microsoft Word 2007 will then start to upload the template.

Once complete, a new screen will pop up showing the template. From there you can edit the areas to your specifications.

After that, just print it out and you are all done.