The exam period is the most thrilling time for some students, especially for those who will face a national exam or a school graduation exam. So much material has to be learned, so that sometimes it makes the learning enthusiasm go down. Well, don’t worry educenter.id has the solution. We have effective learning ideas before school exams that can be practiced from now on. Here bit.ly/2jU3PL6 goes the  tips !

1. Create a Learning Schedule
You can dedicate two weeks before the exam to study at home and give up playing time to reduce it temporarily. Well, in those two weeks you can make a timeline or study schedule per day. For example, Monday learns Indonesian from Chapter 1 to Chapter 6, Tuesday continues with learning English. Then next Monday learn Indonesian again from Chapter 7 to Chapter 12, and so on.

2. Limit Learning by Chapter To Be More Focused
The second effective learning idea is to limit what is learned. Learning a lot of things at one time usually even makes the information you absorb even less than optimal. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you learn gradually. For example, in the upcoming exam there will be 12 Chapters tested, it would be very good if you divide the learning material into two to three parts. The first day of learning you can learn from Chapters 1-4, while the second day you can learn Chapters 5 through Chapter 8.

3. Mark Important Things
You can mark important things that have been learned by using colorful markers or highlighter. If you don’t want the book to look colorful, you can use colorful marker paper which is widely sold in bookstores.

4. Make a Learning Summary
The next effective learning idea is to make a summary of what you have learned. Making this summary makes the information you absorbed earlier more sticking to your head. It is highly recommended to make this summary by hand, but there is no harm in making a summary using your laptop computer or cellphone. The summary that you made is not only written, you can add pictures, charts and interesting colors so that your writing is easier to read.

5. Learn with a Fun Atmosphere
One of the keys to success of this effective learning idea is learning with pleasant situations and conditions. If you are used to learning accompanied by music, there’s nothing wrong you play songs that can arouse the temper of learning. Learning and can be done anywhere. If you are tired of studying in the room, you can study in the yard, in the public library, even in cafes.

6. Learning with Friends
The last effective learning idea is to study with bit.ly/2jWfd9r friends. Studying with friends besides being able to create more enthusiasm and can make learning situations more conducive. You can practice your understanding of the material being studied by conducting question and answer activities. You can also solve examples of exam questions together. People say, solving problems together is more effective than being alone.